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Redgate Error: remote_data_archive_migration_state

I am a big fan of the suite of tools provided by Redgate, especially the SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare products.

What I hadn’t realised is just how reliant I have become on them…Until they stopped working!

These tool are used on an almost daily basis to push changes from development databases to SQL Azure. They work so well that I have come to trust them as part of my development toolkit. Last night I was surprised to find that I got an error when using SQL Compare.


SQL Compare Error


I checked and found that I got the same error with SQL Data Compare.

A Google search gave me two links:

Reading the redgate forum posts, it seems that I am not the only one having the issue. Microsoft have been updating the SQL Azure databases and it looks like Redgate didn’t get the memo. The MSDN article has more information on the new values that have been added to SQL Server and SQL Azure.

Hopefully Redgate will fix this soon, but as I have an update to roll out today, this is of little consolation to me.

This has made me wonder about the tools I have slowly become reliant on and what I can do if they suddenly stop working. How would I manage without Team City or Octopus Deploy. What if an update broke Resharper?

I have a new appreciation for just how much these tools help me and how hard my job is without them.

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