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Test Driven Development

Unit testing internal methods

TDD means that we do not write any code without a test, then we move code into internal, private or protected methods as we refactor. But what if we are writing a method that is to be used by other developers in our development team and it is meant to be an internal class? What happens if we are not…

Unit testing email code with Mail4Net

When it comes to unit testing your code, Mail4Net provides a great way to test your email sending code. In my previous article, I showed sending an email with Mail4Net. If you are new to Mail4Net, then I would suggest you start with this article. Using the fake client The fake client stores emails that have been sent and they…


I have recently been working on Mail4Net, a very interesting piece of software for .NET developers. It includes software to create and manage email templates and a .NET class library for creating email messages from saved templates, populating data into the templates and then sending the populated email. You can also choose to save the email to a folder or…