Karl Gjertsen

Architect, Developer, Speaker, Bad Golfer,
Raygun brand ambassador and creator of Infiniforms


Visual Studio cannot find ‘SignTool.exe’

I had installed Visual Studio 2015 onto a laptop and tried to run an application the I had downloaded from TFS. When I pressed F5, I got the error message: Visual Studio cannot find ‘SignTool.exe’ After a little investigation, I found this is part of the ClickOnce Publishing Tools. The Visual Studio installation was run as a default installation and the ClickOnce…

Split web.config into multiple files

Having used web.config and app.config files for many years, today I learnt something new about them. You can split them into multiple files! This can be especially handy if your configuration files are getting too big. Splitting them is very straight forward and I will show you how to move your connection strings into a new file. Step #1: The first thing…